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Choosing the right air conditioning unit for your home is a decision that should take several factors into consideration. With energy efficiency more important than ever, select a system with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). Variable speed operation also plays a role in energy efficiency. Environmental conscious consumers will want to look for systems that use refrigerant like R-410A. Selecting an air conditioning system that incorporates these elements is a decision that will pay off when you receive your monthly electric bills. Reliable Heating and Air, LLC can help you with these decisions.

Summerville, SC Contact Reliable Heating and Air, LLC For Heat Pump Repair Or Service

Heat pump size is measured in terms of tons. Most heat pumps range from ½- to 5-ton units, although larger systems are also available. We can help you select the right size system for your home, but the general rule is that you will need about one ton for every 600-650 square feet of living space.

Is It Time For A New Thermostat? Contact Reliable Heating and Air, LLC For Options

A thermostat is the main control for your home’s heating and cooling systems. This control will sense ambient temperature before switching your property’s HVAC system on or off. The goal is to retain a set-point temperature to keep your family comfortable regardless of the outdoor weather. There are also many great options available when you select a new or replacement thermostat.